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Inksave - What Are Compatibles?


What are "Compatibles"?

The term "compatible" means an ink cartridge or laser toner cartridge or drum created by somebody other than the original printer manufacturer. They usually cost considerably less than original branded goods. Ours all come with a cast-iron guarantee of superb print quality and equal (or higher) page yield - or your money back! There are two types - "remanufactured" and "compatible".


Many inkjet printers (all Lexmarks, most HPs and some Canons) take inkjet cartridges that have the print-head (the bit that marks the paper) built in. Original branded goods typically cost between 15 and 45 each, although many of the cheaper models are only half-filled or even less. When these inkjet cartridges run out of ink they can be professionally recycled - a term known as remanufactured. They are intensively cleaned using high-pressure steam and centrifuge equipment, and then refilled with the highest quality inks using our pre-programmed touch-screen vacuum chamber machinery. All the remanufactured inkjet cartridges we offer are fully filled to offer maximum page yield - up to 300% more life than the manufacturers' originals!!! Remanufactured goods are always test-printed to ensure perfect print quality. Environmentally friendly, and far less costly than brand new inkjet cartridges.


QUALITY IS EVERYTHING. Many inkjet cartridges are simply plastic tanks filled with ink, some of which have a silicon chip feeding information to the printer, and preventing them from being refilled. Our compatible inkjet cartridges are made in exactly the same way and produce superb high quality prints - just like original branded cartridges. All ours come with the ISO9001 quality assurance guarantee - the logo's on the box. This means you can buy with complete confidence - safe in the knowledge that the highest quality control standards are maintained during the manufacturing process.

Because they do not carry a manufacturers' logo they can cost up to 85% less than original inkjet cartridges. These fit almost all Epsons, many Canon, Brother, and some older Xerox printers.

Note for Epson owners - we understand that many post-April 2008 Epson printers have a  governing system built-in to the electronics to prevent any compatible cartridge delivering more ink than their own branded goods.  Our top quality compatible cartridges contain a great deal more ink than Epson's own, but machines with this governer will show a "replace cartridge" message when there is still plenty of ink inside.  Although it does mean discarding cartridges before they're empty, there is still a significant cost-saving.  Unfortunately there is no known way of bypassing this system. 


Many laser toner cartridges - like many ink cartridges - can be professionally recycled, or "remanufactured". The empty toner cartridges are intensively cleaned, worn parts are replaced, and those that have a drum have it either replaced or re-coated. The cartridges is then refilled (to maximum capacity) with matching top quality toner powder, and several test-prints are carried out to ensure perfect print quality. Buying a remanufactured toner cartridge is an environmentally friendly way of saving a good deal of money, without having to compromise print quality.


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