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We have traded online since 2002. During this time we have supplied goods to well over 25,000 domestic, commercial and school customers - many of whom come back time and time again as their printer(s) need refueling.

We are based in Cornwall but supply goods quickly throughout the United Kingdom.  Our customers have grown to expect exceptional service, low prices and great products whether they're in the Orkneys, Isle of Wight or anywhere in between..

We're a family-run business with a passion for great customer care and sound advice. Printers are often misunderstood! Check out our testimonials link - we don't make those comments up!

Whether you need ink cartridges for your inkjet printer, or toner cartridges for your laser printer, inksave offer the choice of branded goods from the manufacturer, or lower-cost but FULLY GUARANTEED alternatives. We're often told we offer some of the cheapest toner cartridges and cheapest ink cartridges on the internet.

Cheap doesn't have to mean poor quality - we guarantee every single item we sell.



Laser Toners

Laser toner cartridgess operate differently to ink cartridges: inks are sprayed onto the paper, whereas laser toners are burned on powders for a permanent, waterproof print that is far less likely to fade over time.

Laser toners operate at high temperatures and are therefore unsuitable for printing onto photo paper. They best suit businesses, especially office environments as they print quickly and efficiently offering more prints and much higher print speeds than inkjet printers.

We supply the biggest brands as well as a wide range of compatible unbranded low cost laser toners that come fully guaranteed. Considerable savings can be made when purchasing unbranded low cost toner cartridges without compromising on quality and reliability.

Call 0800 9700 346 for details.

Cheap Ink Cartridges

Huge savings can be made with Inksave. We supply only the finest quality cheap ink and toner cartridges, as well as genuine branded printer consumables. The rapid dispatch and delivery make sure your business can run as efficiently as possible – even if you leave it a bit late to order.

Ink cartridges

Although many ink cartridges produce a great many pages of print they do of course need replacing from time to time. This can prove costly if your printer is used frequently - but great savings can be made if you opt for our fully guaranteed compatible ink cartridges.

We offer a large selection for printers from leading brands such as Canon, Epson, HP,  Brother and others. From our start-up in 2002 we have gained many years of valuable experience, which has taught us a great deal about compatible ink cartridges versus original branded ink cartridges. Most are absolutely 100% bang on in terms of reliability and print quality – certain other less so.  Do ask for our advice - 0800 9700 346 - we're always happy to point customers in the right direction.

Printer Cartridges

Finding the right Ink or Toner Cartridges for your printer couldn’t be any easier. Simply click on the brand of your printer (above), printer type and model and then let us do the rest. We supply inkjet, laser toner, print-head and ink tank printer cartridges at unbeatable prices.

Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges for laserjet printers are popular, particularly in offices, as they produce fast accurate print quality and are perfect for handling large volume printing. Instead of ink cartridges these printers use toner powder by way of laser toner cartridges. They are considerably bigger and therefore cost more than a typical ink cartridge, but the page yield from a laser toner cartridge is considerably higher making running costs lower.

Laser toner cartridges both new and recycled from all major manufacturers such as HP, Epson, Brother, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon etc. All come with a full guarantee offering great value and superb print quality.



Just received my new ink cartridges ordered on Tuesday evening. This is the 4th or 5th time I have ordered from you and it is a pleasure to say that your customer service is fantastic and the products are always delivered without delay. In this day it is a pleasure to receive such excellent customer service - thank you.

Ian C

1. Came home from work at around 1720.  2. Fired up the PC and went online to order a set of ink for my HP printer  at around 1730.  3. At 1815 the doorbell rang - and I was stunned to find a very nice man, who did not work for the AA, who had come to deliver my ink.  Time from ordering online to delivery completion - 45 minutes.  This has got to be some kind of world record doesn't it?  Unless you know different...  Feel free to post the above on your site.  Brilliant!!

Malcolm B (in Swindon)

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent.  I've been buying compatible ink cartridges from Inksave for many years and can not praise them highly enough. Service is outstanding with free delivery - even to N Ireland....too many mainland companies still charge extra to send to N Ireland. During the heavy snow of 2 winters ago I needed ink urgently - I phoned Inksave and spoke to a very friendly lady who assured me she would do her best. The ink cartidges arrived the next morning ..can't ask for better service than that ! Inksave offers another good service where they give advice to anyone wanting to buy a new printer ...they are not trying to sell printers but will help you avoid the pitfalls of buying 'cheap' printers that will cost a fortune to run.

Liz M

Can I sincerely thank you for your swift answer to my enquiry.  I think I have fallen into the trap Currys have set us - to buy a printer at a cheap price so they can cash in on the price they charge for inks.  What a rip off this is - I am a pensioner of 81 years, this hurts very much.  Well, we live and learn the hard way.  Many thanks to you for the info...

Noel C

Just a note to say my order was delivered today... I may add that very few companies would be prepared to go to this level of service today.... your price, product, delivery and service are second to none in my opinion and I shall certainly be recommending you to all who care to listen....

George N

I've been using you now for a number of years and you never fail to deliver my requirements in a business like and friendly manner.  I have passed on your details to all my family and friends and will carry on doing so in future, thank you for your great service.

Terry C

This was my first order from you.  I am very impressedwith your immediate response to my request and I have now attached your business card to my printer for my future orders.  I have mailed your website to my friends.  A big thank you.

Brian B

Just to say thank you for a very speedy service.  Half way through printing documents yesterday afternoon, my printer refused to proceed!  This morning the package of ink was delivered and I was able to continue before my meeting scheduled for 1pm!  Brilliant service!

Angee B

Thankyou for your understanding over my problem printer and the cartridge saga!!  Your quick and very fair dealing with this matter will not be forgotten and is much appreciated.  .... my friends and contacts will be made aware of Inksave and your friendly service and help!  Wishing you every success in the future.

Alan E

Thank you for your prompt and complete reply.  I have now ordered....  I am very impressed with your immediate response to my request and I have now attached your business card to my printer for my future orders.

Jean B

I can't find the Google review, but I would nevertheless say that I have always been well satisfied with your prompt service and genuine advice you gave me over the years. That, I suppose, is the special extra you provide for your customers and I sincerely hope that all your other customers agree with me ... and, with me, keep fingers crossed for the continuing success of your enterprise ... you are most welcome to use my comments in public ... with best regards Jürgen V   25-2-18

Jürgen V

Thanks - what fantastic service both by you and postal service, the latter with the current problem weather, and parcel arrived early this morning.   Mike S  28-2-18

I have been a customer of Inksave for about 7 - 8 years and have always received wonderful and helpful service.  On the odd occasion that a compatible cartridge has failed, replacement was instantaneous.  I would commend Inksave to anyone.  Thank you for your reliable and honest service

Reverend Errol Williams

I have been using Inksave for ages and ages, and I have always been delighted with your excellent service! I am happy to recommend you to everyone!   With very best wishes, and so many thanks, from Christine.

Christine Waters

Inksave is brilliant! Have been a customer now for quite  few years, and they offer great products at excellent prices. But what is more, their customer service is second-to-none, friendly, helpful and very speedy. Highly recommended. Penny Wheat. (W Midlands)

Penny Wheat

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