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How To Find Out What Type of Ink Cartridge Is Needed For My Printer


There are various types of ink cartridges depending on the brand and the type of printer, and it is vital that you purchase the correct one to prevent inferior printing results. The manual that comes with your printer states the type of ink your printer accepts. The printer manual states the ink cartridge’s number, usually labelled as ‘Cartridge Number’ or ‘Cartridge Type’. However, you don’t have to worry if you misplaced the manual since you can still check and find out the details using these helpful tips.

1. Check the packaging

The ink type is usually indicated on the packages of the printer you purchased or the box of the ink cartridge itself. Most of the time manufacturers put a label on the printer to indicate the model number and other crucial information.

2. Ink Cartridge Card

Most printer models include wallet-sized reference cards that contain the ink cartridge number. If you want to know your printer’s brand name and model number, this card also contains that information. If you need to buy a new or replacement ink cartridge, just look at this card.

3. Manufacturer’s Website

If you don’t have your ink cartridge card, you can also visit your printer manufacturer’s website to check which ink cartridge your printer needs. When doing so, take note of your printer’s model number, which you can find in the body of the printer. Just look for the sticker that has the information. Enter these details in the website’s search engine. Once the search results return, the printer’s specifications will be provided, including the suitable ink cartridge for your printer.

4. Ink Cartridge Carrier

One of the easiest ways to know what ink cartridge you need is to check the current cartridge that you have in your printer. The ink cartridge carrier is sure to have a sticker on the top or front containing the ink cartridge number. This sticker is also where you can find the colour of the ink cartridge whether it is black or a combination of magenta, yellow and cyan.

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