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Low Ink Tricks To Bypass Printer Ink Levels

Low Ink Tricks To Bypass Printer Ink Levels

If a low ink warning is displaying whilst you’re printing, you may think that your cartridge needs to be replaced immediately. However, this is not always the case as some cartridges still have enough ink to print a few more pages. Dealing with this situation can affect your productivity at work, but worry no more as we have some tips that will let you bypass these critical ink levels.

Disable the warning

The printer may show a warning when the ink level drops to a predetermined point in the cartridge. When this happens, ignore it. Continue using your printer despite the low ink warning as long as it allows you to. Some printers will still let you print a couple of pages before it completely shuts off. To disable the warning in your computer, go to Devices and Printers and select Print Server Properties located in the toolbar. Click the Advanced tab and then uncheck “Show informational notifications for local/network printers.” Click OK to save the changes.

Reset your ink cartridge

To manually reset your Epson printer ink cartridge, you need to have a cartridge chip re-setter, which is a small plastic tool with pins on it. Simply press the pins from the re-setter onto the pins of the cartridge. Once the LED on the cartridge turns green, it means that the reset has been successful.

For HP and Brother printers, the resetting process can be quite difficult. Firstly, you need to cover each “contact” on the cartridge by using a transparent tape. After this, put the cartridge back to the printer and then print a test page. Once you covered each contact on all the cartridges and re-installed them, you can finally remove the tape and re-install the cartridges one last time. The printer should notify you that a new cartridge has been successfully installed.

Buy compatible ink cartridges

An alternative for high-priced replacement cartridges are those that are sold by third-party stores. You can buy compatible ink cartridge replacements at reasonable prices from them. Make sure to shop from trusted stores like Ink Save to ensure that your ink will work efficiently.

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