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Tips to keep your inkjet printer running smoothly

All pieces of technology need some sort of maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Inkjet printers often get neglected, with more focus on maintaining the computer connected to it. To make sure that your printer will last as long as possible, follow these tips on how to care for it.

Before you begin

Before you begin any sort of maintenance on your inkjet printer, make sure that it’s turned off. This stops any damage happening during the process.

Where is your printer located?

For the best performance, a printer has to be placed properly. A level surface with plenty of ventilation is the perfect location for a printer. If you have it in a space that gets dusty this will significantly damage the printer rollers.

Keep the printer clean

Machines have to be cleaned to maintain their performance and a printer is a machine. Ink and dust can build up inside the printer, causing performance problems such as jams and ink streaks.

Clean your printer with a damp cloth, avoiding using any moisture inside the machine, as this could damage and not improve its performance.

Clean out clogged ink nozzles

Every inkjet printer will experience clogged nozzles at some point. This will happen when the ink dries up and blocks the nozzles. You should clean out the nozzles regularly to stop this from happening. It’s particularly common in printers that don’t get used very often.

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