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Ways To Save Money When Buying Printer Ink

Ways To Save Money When Buying Printer Ink

Printer ink is expensive for both business and home computer users. Printing expenses don’t begin and end when you buy a printer. If you’re not aware of your ink usage, printing gets expensive fast. You should know how to manage your printer resources because it will help you save every penny. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of money you spend on ink.

• Buy in bulk

Even though it’s not necessary to purchase more than one or two printer ink cartridges there can be considerable savings in planning ahead. If you purchase ink cartridges in bundles it usually costs less per unit than buying them individually.

• Refill your own printer cartridges

Buying refill kits can also save you money. Why? Because refill kits have step-by-step instructions, needed tools and printer ink so that you can learn how to refill ink or toner cartridges by yourself. Additionally, the benefit of learning how to refill them can even save more money because toner cartridges can be reused 3 to 4 times.

• Optimize output

Printers have default options that you could be set to the best possible print resolution, even though you don’t need it. Regularly check your printer’s quality settings and pick the default that best represents your printed work. Adjusting the default settings could save your ink and money.

• Print in draft mode

Printers have different modes to manage the quality and speed of your print and each mode uses different amounts of ink as well. Switch to draft mode because it is designed to produce prints quickly using the least amount of ink. Even though it’s not ideal for printing important documents, but for note taking or homework, it is great.

• Buy a remanufactured cartridge

Many companies refill and collect empty ink and toner cartridges. They’re tested to validate performance and cost much less.

• Use black and white mode

If you don’t need colours to print your documents, it’s better to print it in black and white. But when you’re ready to print the final copy with colour then reselect the “Colour mode”. Colour cartridges can cost more, reducing the quantity of colour ink used will save money.

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