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What type of printer do you need?

Trying to work out what type of printer would suit your printing needs can be a daunting task.

There are two main types of printers; inkjet and laserjet.

Both have their benefits and suit different users but the main difference between them is how they print.

Inkjet vs. Laserjet

An inkjet uses ink and is particularly suitable for low-volume printing. These are often the printers of choice for home users.

A laserjet printer uses toner (a powder) and is more cost-effective for high-volume printing and is often the printer of choice for an office environment.

For the home user, inkjet printers are often cheaper to purchase than a laserjet but cost more per page to print. This only proves cost-effective if you don’t print much.

Inkjet printers are also generally more compact than laserjets, taking up less room in your home although in recent year laserjets have come down in both cost and size.

If you know you will be printing a lot, especially text-heavy documents a laserjet printer is more expensive for the initial outlay but is cheaper per page.

They are also quicker when it comes to printing each page which makes a big difference when printing large documents.

If you need a printer primarily to print photographs an inkjet produces a higher quality print as it blends colours better than a laserjet.

It is also able to print on a variety of paper including glossy photograph paper, textured stationary or even fabric.


Ink or toner cartridges come in both black or colour and Inksave have some of the cheapest on the internet.

For the environmentally conscious, inkjet cartridges can be refilled with ink and reused, which reduces plastic waste.

If you would like some advice on what printer is best for your needs, as well as the correct ink or toner contact us at Inksave where we are waiting for your call.