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Tips To Maintain Your Inkjet Printer

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Printer maintenance is important to ensure that your printer is always in good working condition. Taking preventive measures like carrying out regular maintenance can prevent your printer from breaking down or from producing poor quality prints. Here are some printer maintenance tips that will help you keep your printer running at its best.

Turn off your printer properly

Like any other equipment, your printer should be turned off by pressing the power button. Never unplug your printer unless it is having issues or the power button is not working. Unplugging it whilst still running can damage your inkjet printer.

Clean printer heads

If you have seen a printed document with white lines running across the text or graphics, it might mean that your printer heads are clogged and need some cleaning. It is important to check the manual of the printer to know how to clean the printer heads of a specific model. Some printers will self-clean with just a few clicks whilst some have to be manually cleaned. Be careful not to clean the heads more often than needed, as the cleaning process uses some ink.

Keep your printer dust-free

One way to take care of your printer is by putting a cover on it to prevent the dust from accumulating on the equipment. This is especially important for those who don’t regularly use their printer. Dust and debris can get into the inner workings of your printer and can cause damage. This could also cause paper jams and streaks of ink that appears on papers where you don’t want them. However, if there’s already build-up of dust, you can remove these particles by using a small vacuum. You can also use a cotton swab and purified water to clean the ink cartridges. Before doing this, consult the manual first because there are some parts of the cartridge that you shouldn’t swab.

Carefully Resolve Mechanical Error

It can be frustrating when a paper jam occurs whilst printing. When this happens, refer to the instructions that come with the printer to find the best solution to fix it. Typically, the best practice is to slowly pull the jammed paper out of the printer to avoid leaving ripped paper behind or damaging the internal parts of the printer. It would also help if the paper you load into the printer is not torn or stuck together and the paper tray is not overfilled.

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